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Confidential Policy

Gepubliceerd: 07-06-2016 15:06

Confidential Policy Demis Roussos Museum Version 0.1

This page has been updated latest on the 5st of June 2016.

The privacy statement explains our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of certain information, including your personal information, by Demis Roussos Museum.

Use of our service
Demis Roussos Museum collects information to enhance your visit and deliver more individualized content and advertising. We respect your privacy and do not share your information with any third parties contractually not involved with Demis Roussos Museum or unless ordered by law. Aggregated Information (information that does not personally identify you) may be used in many ways. For example, we may combine information about your usage patterns with similar information obtained from other users to help enhance our site and services (e.g., to learn which pages are visited most or what features are most attractive). Aggregated Information may occasionally be shared with our advertisers and business partners. Again, this information does not include any Personally Identifiable Information about you or allow anyone to identify you individually. We may use

Personally Identifiable Information collected by Demis Roussos Museum to communicate with you through our own email system or through our contracted third party email delivery partner about your registration or membership and customization preferences; our Terms of Use and privacy policy; services and products offered by Demis Roussos Museum and its marketing partners we think you might find of interest. Personally Identifiable Information collected by Demis Roussos Museum may also be used for other purposes, including but not limited to site administration, troubleshooting, processing of e-commerce transactions and other communications with you. Certain third parties who provide technical support for the operation of our site (our Web hosting service and credit card processing for example) may access such information. We will use your information only as permitted by law.

Our sites only use cookies to help you enjoy the interactive features of the site and to help us protect the integrity of your username. We do not use cookies to track your movements or to gather any other information. To access our sites, you must accept the cookie named sid for the domain www.demisroussosmuseum.nl

Fraud notice
Please read the following notice if you have made a purchase to access any websites of Demis Roussos Museum via all payment providers of us.
Demis Roussos Museum takes credit card fraud very seriously. We fully disclose all charges, customer service, privacy and refund/cancellation policies in the Terms & Conditions, Purchase Pages & Privacy Policy. By purchasing a subscription service from Demis Roussos Museum you acknowledged and accepted those terms during the purchase process. Your details, IP address, use of our services, acceptance of terms and transaction history is securely stored and recorded according to our privacy policy.

If you have a dispute in regards to subscription charges or product fees, you are required to contact our Help Center first to attempt to resolve the matter. Should you contact your credit card issuing bank in regards to charge disputes against Demis Roussos Museum will contest all claims as well as request a signed affidavit. In case customer fraud (where you accessed a website/product and then attempt to dispute the charge) is detected, we will release all information to the relevant authorities in your country of residence regarding false declaration and false claims regarding credit card charges. Making false declarations and claims to your bank regarding charges is punishable by law in all countries from which Demis Roussos Museum accepts credit card sales.

If you are suspected of customer fraud, your credit card will also be listed in a global credit card blacklist maintained by anti-fraud systems which will result in your card being blocked from future internet purchases and certain retail outlets. Your credit rating may also be affected for up to 7 years.
We urge you not to commit customer fraud. Contact our customer service representative if you have any questions or queries about Demis Roussos Museum’s charges on your credit card or problems with our services.

We will make sure that those who commit copyright infringement will be identified and made responsible for their actions. Our team of expert attorneys will use every legal tool available to make an example of each case to understand the weight of their actions.
Furthermore, we will make sure that the user's credit card, IP address will be logged to international blacklist and prevent him from using the services in the future.

Any user committing such acts will have to face ALL legal consequences and will have to indemnify Demis Roussos Museum for all damages caused.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please content our contactdetails.
Demis Roussos Museum
Oude Barneveldseweg 65/B
3862PS Nijkerk
the Netherlands
[email protected]

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